husbands, love your wives..
Ephesians 5:25a

Three times in this passage of Ephesians Paul exhorts the husbands to love their wives. Each time he gives the example of how this is done.

First he tells them to love their wives as Christ also loved the church– This speaks of a sacrificial and unconditional love that Jesus had when He gave His life for the church. He surrendered all to the father that we might have life.
The second way a husband loves his wife is as his own body– A man loves his own body in that he feeds, clothes and takes cares of himself. This same care is to be given to the wife.
The third way he told husbands to love their wives is to love his wife as himself– Man already loves himself and so if he would take that same devotion, time, energy and concern that he puts into himself towards his wife he would then be obedient to the command given by Paul.

Paul stated that a man is to nourish and cherish his wife. To nourish is to help bring them up to spiritual maturity and to cherish is to foster and promote their relationship with Christ through encouragement.
In other words, husbands are to cultivate the love of Christ in their wives.