The vision for this ministry is to create, provide and maintain a safe atmosphere for the body of Christ to worship, learn and study God’s Word in.

Café Volunteers must be gracious hosts or hostesses willing to wait on and serve the body of Christ. They will open the close the café before and after services. In addition, the café may be open during other times and events providing additional volunteer opportunities.

Scripture – Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. Matthew 20:26

Responsibilities – Cafe Volunteers will be required to prepare coffee and other food items as well as take and serve orders. Volunteers will be required to take cash donations, make change when needed and maintain a clean and well organized food preparation area. Volunteers will be required to open the café an hour before church services and close at least within an hour after each service, however, it can stay open as long as needed. The café shall not be open during service. Volunteers will also be responsible to clean tables as well as the dining area.

Commitment to Consider:

  • A six month commitment is required
  • Complete a Volunteer Application
  • Attend training as required
  • Arrive one hour before service
  • Stay a minimum of one hour after service
  • Serve guests as required
  • Clean the café and dining area
  • Maintain supplies
  • Collect cash donations and make change when needed

To serve in the Café Ministry, please fill out a Background Check consent form (click here) and a Servant’s application (click here).